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Cityscape of Copenhagen, Denmark 2011

By Youkichi Haraguchi  ☘

Inner management

It is a management theory using psychology that directly approaches the minds of employees.
It is managed by "empathy" instead of instruction and command, and by "emotion / sensibility / sense" instead of thinking.

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Transactional Analysis

The purpose of transactional analysis is to be aware of yourself, to be self-reliant, to recognize differences and to build intimate relationships with others.

The Psychology of Contact

People-to-people interaction supports our lives.People were born to impress.


I wanted to leave an article that I had written in my favorite words and blogs that I had written so far

It's a sentence of memories that affected my life.

Historical Novels

I love ancient history and wrote poor historical novels.




Azumino Isora

My episode

A turning point in my life

When I think about it later, there is a moment when that time was a turning point in my life.The story from when I was 41 to around 46.

Favorite Scenery Special


A beautiful city along the Copenhagen Canal, Denmark

2011/08/21 By KAYA

Photo Gallery

It is a digitized version of your favorite landscape photos, etc., for each shooting year.